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It’s a place where we work upon every single individual. Our purpose is to create a loving & understanding community and transform an individual to stay happy and life more meaningful and Abundant. We offer Yoga, Meditation, retreats, training and healing the body, mind & soul to Igniting every Individual Intelligence to Discover the new possibilities in life and Experience a stress-free mind. Our focus is to create such a simple and easy way to simplify our method to ensure that each individual deeply realises that they are Pure & Infinite, ensuring that they can lead their life with deep meaning, well being and work with Purpose and Passion. Our unique & powerful team of experts aids human beings to experience a life of truly Happy, loving, abundance, contribution, and deep meaningfulness.


We operate on the belief that each of us is ‘INFINITE’. We work with Purpose and Passion to ensure that each individual truly realises that they are Infinite, ensuring they lead a life of deep meaning and well-being. We are a unique & powerful team of experts who aids human beings to experience a life of abundance, contribution, and deep meaningfulness.


We practice synchronised healing of the mind & body by perpetually increasing Self Awareness and using deep cleansing techniques. We facilitate cultivating awareness within you to help you evolve, offering conscious support to rediscover your true self with such an amazingly positive outlook on life.
We invite you to “Take Charge” of the here & now.

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Discover your inner self and enjoy life the fullest

AnantaFounder, MOA

Lets see what our clients have to say about us

Yanina TsukiniConsultant, Amsterdam

thank you for my best experience ever.
good luck

Dr. Rangana Rupavi ChoudhuriDoctor, London

These are the most magical beings. Highly Recommend.

Lisa NaphtaliGeneral Manager, Melbourne, Australia

It's rare to find people in this world whose enormous hearts, compassion and support are equaled only by their intrinsic capabilities and gifts in teaching and healing - but that is the inimitable Deborah and Saurabh.

Camila Vega AdauiPeru

It is one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life. In addition to the energy of the place, the spectacular food, and our teacher, everything made the days the best.

Aarti MankotiaBanker, Delhi

Rising in yoga (ReDiscover ThySelf) is surely a best place to relax and rejuvenate.
when you have a mentor like Saurabh (Ananta). He is not only a good yoga therapist but a beautiful human as well... Learn his techniques and make your life simpler

Nicola Siebert PatelLondon, UK

I met Dhyan Saurabh (Ananta) six years ago in Goa where I had the good fortune to experience his yoga and Ayurvedic massage. A gem of a teacher, I hope to one day visit his retreat in Himalayas.

Anand NarayanaBuilder, Nagpur

Saurav(Ananta) and Deborah I love you .....such an hard work done by you to make proper Wellness retreat was amazing , caring every comfort and wellbeing in such an meditative was very beautiful. Saurav you are an God gifted Healer .... You really healed me ...... Thanks

Jeremy SolFrance

Words can't express enough my gratitude to have crossed path with Saurabh and Deborah, they are both angels walking on earth spreading the Love! Each Summer,they are opening their beautiful home with stunning views in order to support, help others to Rise Up!!! it's like being in Switzerland with the Indian high Himalayan vibes: Heaven.