Meditation is the art of dedicating all efforts and negative thoughts out of the self mind. As we all know that everyone wishes to get rid of all efforts to relax in your credible personality, which is the calm, pleasure and peace of mind.

All know that practice makes the man more perfect, similarly, the practice of meditation makes the mind more delicate.

The benefits of a calm mind- A calm mind reduces the feeling of depression. It is important to reduce the stress level of the mind. It is essential to keep maintaining your mental hygiene for good health and a happy spirit. A peaceful mind gives us more stability of good concentration, focused attention and balanced our unfavourable thought in stressful conditions.

Regular meditation practices improved communication skills, give birth to new skills, gives more relaxation and create more positive thoughts in our calm mind.

The purpose of meditation is to make one calm, free of anxiety, decent and happy life.

Meditation for beginners

Practising meditation is a very easy way to do it. To meditate, we have to focus on our breathing. When we inhale, we persuade all positive thoughts in calm mind and when we exhale, we throw all efforts and stressful memories out of the mind. It makes our minds more relaxed.

Now, let us know the steps to do meditation. To do meditation, the first step is to sit down comfortably and close your eyes. The next step is to keep the whole body relaxed and start taking a long breath. In the next step, we must focus on our breathing, whatever memories, tensions, burdens are coming into our minds don’t stop them. They are coming and leaving the mind like rainy clouds. It is necessary to do it regularly, after some time our focusing strength starts rising and makes our mind relaxed.

Types of meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation in which we focus on our thoughts. Thoughts are created by being attentive to where we are what we are doing at that time. Mindful meditation can be done anytime and anywhere, it is not important to sit with a peaceful mind.

Transcendental meditation is a simple strategy in which a dedicated mantra, such as a word or sound, is repeated distinctly.

Guided meditation, is a type of meditation in which you build mental situations that you find relaxing.

This technique is commonly directed by a  teacher, hence “guided.” It’s always indicated to use as many feelings as possible, to bring out calmness in your relaxing area.

Metta meditation is the method of enlightening good desires toward others. Those who exercise recited in certain phrases meant to stimulate warm-hearted emotions. This can be typically found in mindfulness and vipassana meditation.

It’s typically exercised by sitting in a comfortable position. After a deep breath, you repeat the thereafter, words gradually. “May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at comfort.”

This meditation is also known as loving-kindness meditation.

All types of meditation give us success in approving the calmness in mind. Only a peaceful mind makes life happy for all.


The Buddha Way of Meditation

Siddharth Gautama Buddha was the prince of the Kosala kingdom. He was married to a princess named Yashodhara when he reached the age of sixteen. But in the 6th century, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha rejected his royal life. They learned meditation from the best yoga teacher he could get in their district. After a bit, still dissatisfied with what he learned and created his methods. He achieved the culture he explored and became the Buddha. He then spent the next moment of his life teaching meditation and divine awakening to thousands of people. Many people like to do yoga to keep their bodies maintained. But it is essential to keep their mind peaceful. As we all know the brain is the main part of the body, similarly, the whole mind is the emotion and thoughts that cause fluctuations in our life. So, all must meditate for health care. All wish to have a happy life, to get it, we must give happiness to others who provide you satisfaction.


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