Love is a feeling that everybody has felt in some or the other way in life. Some often get hurt while loving others which awakens a quest in them to know deeply about love. Love has no contact with any kind of hurt, rather it is blissful and healing. Love is an emotion inside us that we can extend to anybody and anything. To extend this emotion towards others, we have to first get it inside us.
Nothing can be poured from an empty cup. Self-love is the basis of any relationship in the world. If a person truly understands and loves his own soul, mind, and body; then only he can love somebody else unconditionally.
A person goes through many sudden ups and downs in life, and sometimes traumas as well that result in forming some rigid belief systems in life which bring self-doubts, self-abandonment, trust issues, body issues, fears, etc. in life. To sow the seed of self-love, first, we need to pick out such weeds that stop us from loving and accepting ourselves as we are.
Self-love retreats have a great contribution to the betterment of mankind. Some great people with a higher calling decide to help the rest of the world to experience self-love without any hit-and-trial methods. ReDiscover ThySelf is the most prominent self-love retreat that has transformed the lives of thousands of people amazingly.
It has two branches- one in the lap of majestic Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, and the other along the soothing Arabian Sea in Goa. You can choose any of them according to your preference.
In ReDiscover ThySelf Retreat, you heal your mind, body, and soul with deep cleansing techniques that include yoga, meditation, various training, and healing therapies. Once in a while, everybody should go to such places to cleanse their aura and know themselves thoroughly.
Always remember, self-love is the driving force behind motivation, interests, successful relationships, healthy boundaries, optimism, and, a shield from negativity in life. So, give yourself the reviving treat of ReDiscover ThySelf Retreat soon!


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