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Identify the issues

Identify specific relationship issues to work on with the support of an unbiased professional

Dysfunctional dynamics

Gain insight into patterns that cause relationship distress and dysfunctional dynamics

Restore trust

Learn communication tools to increase vulnerability and restore trust

Rediscover strengths

Develop a solutions-oriented approach to rediscover your relationship’s strengths

Deep Understanding and resolution

Practice conflict-resolution strategies for improved empathy, problem-solving, and conflict resolution

Ongoing support

Ongoing dedicated support through live video sessions and Calls

Types of Relationship Therapy

Relationship counseling

Every couple, at one point or another, faces challenges that test their partnership. It can happen at week 10, or year 10 of a relationship. When it does, sometimes you need outside guidance to help you navigate a path forward.
You don’t have to do it alone. No matter what the circumstances are of your relationship, couples counseling offers you and your partner the support and structure you need, in a safe, unbiased, productive space.
In couples therapy, you’ll learn conflict-resolution strategies and how to communicate more effectively. You’ll explore relationship patterns, restore trust, rediscover your passions for one another, and address dysfunction, building a healthier, stronger, loving relationship

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Marriage counseling

Marriage is work. You need to invest in it to keep it healthy. When you face those inevitable bumps in the road, it’s OK to admit you need some trusted guidance.
Online marriage counseling can help. In therapy, you and your spouse can take on those tough times — whatever they may be — in a safe, loving space.
Marriage counseling helps you identify the exact root of your problems and come up with effective strategies to overcome them. You can open up, express your honest feelings, and get back to that kind, in-love place you both want to live in.

Premarital counseling

The days, weeks, and months before your wedding are like no other time in life. They’re exciting, invigorating, and yes, can be stressful, too.
If you need help just getting to the altar — when many engaged couples struggle with the pressure of planning that perfect day — premarital counseling can help. It can also prepare you for the rest of your wedded life together.
Premarital counseling allows you to start your lives together on a solid foundation. You’ll learn to communicate, resolve conflict, identify values, match expectations about major life decisions like children, address anger issues, build trust, and so much more.



Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which a licensed therapist helps those in romantic relationships learn more about their partnership, resolve relationship problems, and build a stronger foundation.

Whether joining an in-person or virtual therapy session, the first few sessions will involve standard interview questions on the history of a couple’s relationship, individual priorities, and relationship goals. In time, a couples therapist will help build a safe space for couples to identify their issues, establish treatment goals, and gain the necessary communication skills to problem solve with their partners.

Meeting with your therapist for shared relationship or marriage concerns as a couple is the best way to begin treatment together. If individual therapy is recommended, your therapist will guide you through options for individual counseling sessions.

Many people think that couples counseling is only for those on the verge of divorce or breaking up. However, all couples, regardless of the status of their relationship, can benefit from meeting with a licensed therapist.

Even still, some common relationship issues that typically prompt counseling may include:

  • Couples continuing to struggle with the same disagreements without being able to come up with a solution.
  • Couples dealing with a recent tragedy, substance abuse, infidelity, or mental health concerns.
  • Couples looking to rebuild their sexual or romantic chemistry.

Yes, online therapy has proven just as effective as in-person couples therapy that makes way to a healthy relationship.


The cost of virtual couples therapy varies, but online relationship counseling is the most cost-effective. Be sure to check with your insurance provider for coverage options.


With online couples therapy, couples can meet with a licensed therapist for a virtual couples therapy session to resolve relationship challenges and generally address the health of their relationship through live video sessions or in writing via Talkspace’s secure platform.


Online couples therapy offers more flexible and accessible options for when to meet and the preferred mode of treatment. It’s important that both you and your partner feel comfortable with the couples therapist and treatment method to get the most out of each counseling session.

Online marriage counseling is a specific approach to couples counseling designed for married couples. Through marriage therapy, couples meet with a marriage counselor – usually a licensed marriage and family therapist – to discuss their relationship issues, priorities, and goals. With ongoing virtual therapy sessions, a therapist can help couples looking to invest in their partnership and rediscover their spouse. Marriage counseling can help build (or repair) a healthy relationship foundation through effective communication skills, boundary setting, and more.

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