Meditation – Awareness – Presence – Stillness – Emptiness – Oneness


A Six-day detox can help to relieve all of these symptoms and leave you full of energy and balance in your life.

For Master of Awareness, Detox Mind-Body: Yoga & Meditation Retreat, means eating the foods that support our bodies to cleanse and to help us move towards our ideal weight/health.

Our team has designed juices and meals that cleanse and rebalance our bodies, whilst maximising the essential nutrients required by our bodies for good health. You have the option to juice or to eat during your stay at Master of Awareness. Rather than adopting a starvation diet where you are always feeling hungry, all the food we serve support our bodies to cleanse and to help us move towards our ideal weight. By combining yoga with a healthy diet you will find your body starting to gain tone, flexibility and generally feel amazing from the inside out.

This transformative retreat creates the perfect environment to break through and free yourself from past conditioning of your personality and limitations that are blocking you from showing up fully for your true self, living your dreams, and the deepest calling of your heart. Through exquisite alchemy of tools from the worlds of Osho, Buddha, Tantra, Shamanic path, self-inquiry methods and some more modern and approachable embodiment practices, Ananta provides a safe, magical and loving space for authenticity, inner silence and embodied ecstasy.


  • Breaking the Old Patterns, Conditioned Beliefs, Habits, Addictions & Attachments.
  • The shift from ‘Knowing Something’ to ‘Understanding Everything’
  • Being natural, simple & loving, here, now, today.
  • Connecting spiritual awakening with the body & mind
  • Meditation – Awareness – Presence – Stillness – Emptiness – Oneness
  • Allowing vulnerability, emotions & feelings to understand and get the clarity while being the witness.
  • Let go of mind, roles, ideas and meet in formlessness.
  • Less of: activation, pushing and looking for excitement > More of: observing the nature of what wants to arise spontaneously.
  • Relax the nervous system and the inner chatter of the mind
  • Living in the balance: relating in form while being rooted in the formless
  • Perceive and interact with the outside world and other human beings in a different way than the usual mentalized/conceptualised patterns
  • Sensing through your own presence other human’s presence
  • Share this deep space, together – transform, Be.


Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

This Retreat Place is situated right in the middle of the stunning lush green nature which we are inviting you Peace Quite filled with the abundance of Nature and yet is very close (less than 10 minutes) to one of the most favourite destinations!
All this is sure to take your breath away every single time & offers the perfect environment for this deep and transformational journey.


  • 5 sessions of Therapeutic yoga or Kriya yoga for Deep Cleansing the body
    (includes yoga therapy for Back pain, Knee pain, Shoulder pain, Diabetes, Obesity, Anxiety, Stress, Heart disease, Hypertension, Depression, Digestive Disorder and many more psychosomatic disease).
  • 10 sessions of healing meditation.
  • Re-energized breathing Chakra sound/breathing meditation.
  • Nadabrama meditation.
  • Kundalini meditation.
  • Self-inquiry meditation.
  • Dance or Natraj meditation.
  • 5 Pranayama sessions (Bhastrika, Kapalbhathi, Full yogic breathing, Advanced Breathing with awareness).
  • 2 sessions of intensive learning to be more self-aware.
  • 1 session of Therapeutic massage.
  • 1 session of learning and use EBRR (emotional body release and refresh).
  • 1 session of learning and use RTPM (re-energized Tibetan pulsing method).
  • Personal time for nature walks.
  • Sitting near the river, and nature blessed forests.


  • Experience Powerful yet Simple Aware Meditation Practices to reduce Stress in the body and mind.
  • Lose Excess Weight, naturally & permanently.
  • Master the Effortless Ways to Create & experience the complete Wellbeing.
  •  Buddhist & TANTRIC – Practices, Meditations & Rituals.
  • Breathe Fire into your Energy System with Ancient Tibetan Breathing Techniques the Lions Roar.
  • Experience The Power of Laughter with Powerful Meditation Techniques
    Understand & Eliminate Anxiety from Life.
  • LIFEFORCE & Divine Energy – Activate, Ground, Circulate, Expand & Sync with yourself and with a partner.
  • SELF-INQUIRY – Deepening the Space of Being.
  • THE MYSTERY – Know Your REAL POTENTIAL A musical Shamanic breathing Journey guided into the unknown: “From FORM to FORMLESS”.
  • HEART & ATISHA MEDITATION – Expand your Heart to the Limitless Sky and Heal through Love.
  • TOUCH WITH EMPTINESS – Soul Connection through the Art of Sacred Touch.
  • COMMUNICATION / SENSING – Learning to Sense, Feel and Communicate consciously, also without words, through listening and recognition of inner space.
  •  BELLY or Hara Healing – Embodied Connection & Breathwork.
  • COMMUNITY – Immersing yourself in a conscious potent field as key for healing and transformation.
  • CONNECTING to Nature and our true infinite self.
  • INTEGRATION – How to bring this quality of being into day-to-day life.

The retreat offers a full program of activities that run for this Detox retreat, starting at 7.00 am and finishing between 8.30 pm or 9 pm (depending upon the activity). It is compulsory to attend all the activities.

The activities on each day of the week vary, depending on the day, however, there is something in each slot for you to choose to participate in. There are two classes of yoga each day – one in the morning and one before lunch. The start time varies.
You will be given a 5-day program of activities when you arrive at the retreat.

06:00 Personal activity / optional walk
07:00 Therapeutic yoga or Kriya yoga ( Deep Cleansing the body )
08:30 Breakfast buffet
10:00 60 minutes : Meditation / Activity
11:15 Bodywork (healing sessions / spa / Free time )
12:00 60 minutes: Pranayama
13:00 Vegetarian lunch buffet
14:00 Free time
16:00 Meditation / Activity
17:00 Tea break
18:00 Intensive learning to be more self-aware / Yoga Nidra
19:00 Vegetarian dinner buffet
20:00 Ask question & answer / open house
21:30 Rest time

Things that you have to take care

  • Visa, insurance & transportation.
  • Flight Ticket and Airport taxi

Group Retreat

Residential Course Fee (USD/INR):

Private Single Room – $ 905 (USD) / 74,999 INR 
Private Double Room – $ 815 x 2 = 1630 (USD) |
67999 x 2 = 135,998 INR

(People Travelling together or couples only)

Private Retreat

Residential Course Fee (USD/INR):

Private Single Room – $ 1500(USD) / 124,999 INR

Private Double Room – $ 1300 x 2 = 2600 (USD) | 214,998 INR

(Sharing with travelling partner or couples only)

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