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WE CARE! is our new initiative to provide online support to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Powerful & Effective 1-1 online support is now available in India and across the Globe. It can happen from the comfort and safety of one’s home. Contact us for clarity in any area of your life.

Let us put an end to your suffering. We are here to support & help you to come out of any life issues really quick, might even now. You’re just a call away.

Especially in these hard times, while the whole world is sitting home, confused about all that is happening and not, it is quite common that one doesn’t feel strong enough to take charge of the mind or not getting the right support, it can be all too much.

What happens when the mind can’t cope is that the emotional pain kicks into the physical body and has nowhere to go but to move directly into the cells which affect our overall health adversely. As emotions are powerful forces, they need to be understood and acknowledged properly for a healthy and peaceful life. It is our mind, the powerhouse and driving force all these feelings and emotions….you either let it control you or start working with it for making the best out of life.

Usually, the emotions you come across at the beginning of any day has the potential to shape the entire day. Also, emotional health plays a profound role in our overall health and wellness.

Listen to yourself. Nurture your body and mind by making them work together. Know that YOU are the only one who can take charge, to HEAL whatever challenges you may have. All these just happen with Clarity. All chaos fades away with clarity. All that you need is that real-support, to lead yourself to clarity.

Healing Objective

The True Healer is You, Yourself. And We, are here to unleash the true potential in You. You’ll learn how to support your body and mind and to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

  • Away from all pain and sufferings,
  • A Life Full of life…
  • Don’t you think you deserve it ???
  • Isn’t it yet time to give back to YOU???
  • We only get one shot in a lifetime….ONE.
  • Make Yours happen NOW !!!

See our link below on what our beautiful people have experienced with MOA in changing for the better, to live a happier life & get away with the challenges in life.


If you have decided to take charge of your life & experience the desired transformation then Aware Online counselling & coaching is all the support that you need. During our experience of online counselling & coaching in India, we realized that not many people understand the importance of mental well-being.

So, people want to take help but keep it confidential. That is exactly what we help you with a safe and confidential space to take charge of your life.

How do we work?

Well, we believe if one wants to see a real transformation, then chat and robot support for mental well-being has it’s limitations so we operate via Online Video Interactive live session.

We don’t believe in just venting out as it may make you feel good for some time but does not empower you with a positive mindset. We will also not suggest you focus on using gratitude & affirmation to feel better. As, how can one be in gratitude until and unless the negative emotions are understood and eliminated?

So, how do we work with you?

  • We empower you to learn how to think in our online counselling, therapy & coaching sessions.

Contrary to the belief that we need to train our mind to be happy..We at Aware learnt to UNDERSTAND the MIND and then do the needed tweaking using the clarity.

How did our different approach change the results?

It created a long-lasting impact. i.e our clients did not have the same challenges again. We did not create dependency on our clients but empowered them to think mindfully & get answers to life. Our clients realised some powerful strengths they already had but did not know how to use.



Step no. 1

Choose MOA Healing Therapy

Step no. 2

Get on the booked Master of Awareness Coaching Session discusses the challenge and get clarity on learning strategy and investment needed.

Step no. 3

Decide to start Coaching | Counselling based only on your conviction.

One to one online sessions

This Powerful & Effective 1-1 online support is now available in India and across the Globe. It can happen from the comfort and safety of one’s home.

Do you need coaching or counselling?

Have you read multiple self-help articles, books watched online motivational videos and are still struggling to ELIMINATE the below challenges from your life…

  • State of depression and anxiety
  • Relationship challenges
  • Low Self-love, Self-esteem & Self-belief
  • Sustain Happy state of mind
  • Negative overthinking

& don’t want to lose more than what you already have then Yes!!! you do NEED it